Wittedrift Birding Festival

30 October - 1 November 2020

This year we're packing a lot into three days! Join us for bird ringing, bird counting for the SA Bird Atlas Project, many guided and self-guided destinations, an evening with the experts and great discussion of all things birds. In a beautiful, diverse, off-the-beaten-track location near Plettenberg Bay.

 We've organised special accommodation rates for the festival click here to view the options available

Festival Accommodation

We've organised special accommodation rates for the festival

Here are some of the main attractions:

  • Guided birding tours
  • Bird count - an important exercise to identify birds and contribute to the South African Bird Atlas Project
  • Illustrated talks from Nature's Valley Trust and leading bird expert Dr Mark Brown
  • Bird-ringing, measuring and recording with Nature's Valley Trust
  • Comprehensive map of birding hotspots in the Wittedrift area for you to explore in your own time

Following the very successful 2019 Birding Festival it is a pleasure to invite you to three days of birding action in our astonishingly diverse ecosystem – from fynbos to forests, from grasslands to reedbeds and riversides. Several landowners have given birders access to some fabulous places not normally open to the public.

Note on all bookings:

  • Due to Covid restrictions only advance booking and payment can be accommodated. This year we cannot admit walk-ins.
  • The lecture and discussion on Saturday afternoon will be followed by an optional drinks and braai. We will send you the details well in advance to give you a chance to book
  • If you need advice or support when booking, please contact us with your name and email address on our Facebook page, or email hello@wittedriftway.com 


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Bank: Nedbank

Acc no: 1178877728

Branch: 198765 


We have special low-price accommodation offers for the duration of the weekend. E-mail us on hello@wittedriftway.com and we'll send you the details

Birds of Wittedrift Way

Please scroll down to view the gallery of some of Wittedrift Way's beautiful birds.

Apalis Bar-throated Dove Laughing Ibis African Sacred Spoonbill African
Barbet Black-collared Dove Red-eyed Ibis Hadeda Spurfowl Red-necked
Batis Cape Drongo Fork-tailed Kingfisher Brown-hooded Starling Black-bellied
Bishop Yellow Duck Yellow-billed Kingfisher Giant Starling Common
Boubou Southern  Eagle African Fish Kingfisher Pied Starling Red-winged
Brownbul Terrestrial Eagle-owl Spotted Lapwing Blacksmith Stilt Black-winged
Bulbul Cape Egret Little Moorhen Common Sugarbird Cape
Bustar Denham's Egret Western Cattle Mousebird Speckled Sunbird Amethyst
Buzzard Jackal Fiscal Common (Southern) Oriole Black-headed Sunbird Greater Double-collared
Canary Brimstone Flycatcher African Dusky Pigeon Speckled Sunbird Southern Double-collared
Cisticola Levaillant's Flycatcher Fiscal Pipit Plain-backed Teal Red-billed 
Cormorant Cape Goose Egyptian Plover Kittlitz's Trogon Narina
Cormorant Reed Grebe Little Plover Three-banded Turaco Knysna
Cormorant White-breasted Greenbul Sombre Prinia Karoo Wagtail Cape
Crane Blue Greenshank Common Raven White-necked Weaver Cape
Crow Cape Guineafowl Helmeted Robin-Chat Cape Whimbrel
Crow Pied Heron Black-headed Seedeater Streaky-headed White-eye Cape
Dove Cape Turtle- Heron Grey Sparrow Southern Grey-headed